Mounting Accessories

Solid Brass
Model: SPJ-RGD-SuperNova
Shown: Matte Bronze
Adjustable Tree Ring
(22" - 27") Dia.
Model: SPJ-RGD-SuperNova-5W
Model: SPJ-RGD-Titan-7W
Model: SPJ-RGD-Titan-10W
Model: SPJ-RGD-Alpha-12W
Model: SPJ-RGD-Mr-Universe-3W
Adjustable Tree rings are fully customizeable to meet your needs. Specify number of fixtures, type of fixture (in any combination of up and down lights), & diameter of tree. Solid brass construction 3" wide band for Super Nova, Titan & Alpha version, 2" wide band for Mr. Universe version. Tree Rings are mounted with stainless steel bolts.
Model: SPJ 19-03-SP-RB
Shown: PVD Satin
Mounting: Direct Burial
Electrical: 12V or 120V
Option: All Finishes
UL Listed
Model: SPJ-SOL3
3 Prong Solid Brass Spike
Shown: Matte Bronze
Model: SPJ19-03 Perma Post
Shown: Perma Post
Mounting: Direct Burial
Electrical: 12V or 120V
Model: SPJ19-02
Dual Fin Spike
(Included with most fixtures)

Model: SPJ-EZ Spike
1/2" NPT Wire Way
Model: SPJVB-100
Shown: Matte Bronze
Material: Cast Brass
4"w x 3"h
Model: SPJ19-07 (box)
Shown: Mini Splice Box with Strap
Gun Metal
Order Example: SPJ19-07-22
15" Strap
22" Strap
31" Strap
42" Strap
Model: SPJ19-20
Shown: Verde
(2) 1/2" NPT Female Threads
5 1/2" L x 1 3/4"H x 1 3/4"D

SPJ Tree J-Box 120 volt or 12 volt solid cast brass tree mount box. 1/2" NPT inlet hub for conduit or cord seal applications, 1/2" NPT hub at 90 degree for fixture mounting. Supplied with cord seals for 120v SJ cord entry, stainless steel lag bolt studs with adjustable hex nut to loosen as tree grows. Available in all SPJ finishes to match fixtures.

Model: SPJ19-19
* Adjustable Tree Strap
Shown: Matte Bronze
SPJ19-19 - 12"L
SPJ19-19 - 18"L
SPJ19-19 - 24"L
SPJ19-19 - 36"L
SPJ19-19 - 48"L
SPJ19-19 - 60"L
SPJ19-19 - 72"L

Model: SPJ19-09
Strap Only
Specify Length
Model: SPJ19-08
Shown: Matte Bronze
Mini Splice Box
3 1/8"L x 1 5/8"W x 1 1/2"D
Model: SPJ19-03-RBBG
Shown: Matte Bronze
Adjustable Riser
Below Grade
Model: SPJ-RGD-Mr.Universe
(6) Light Up/Down
Telescopic Risers
Model: SPJ-ABR-610
Shown: Rusty & Verde
Extends to 10" Overall
Model: SPJ-ABR-1220
Extends to 20" Overall

Model: SPJ-SOL3
3 Prong Solid Brass Spike
Shown: Matte Bronze
SPJ-BR6 6" Brass Riser
SPJ-BR12 12" Brass Riser
SPJ-BR18 18" Brass Riser
SPJ-BR24 24" Brass Riser

Model: SPJ19-Hatch
Output: 12 Volts
Wattage: 60 Watts
Input Power: 120 Volts
Mounting: Side Leads w/o Feet
Option: 15V Output for Dimming
Model: SPJ19-25
Shown: Matte Bronze
Double Headed Extension
24 Hour Plug-In Timer
Model: SPJ19-10
Shown: Gun Metal
4" Canopy

Model: SPJ19-11
Shown: Bronze
5" Canopy

Model: SPJ19-12
Double 1/2" NPT
Shown: Black

120V Photocell Kit
Field installed photocell includes
"Plug and Go" leads with connectors.
Model: SPJ19-01
Shown: Matte Bronze
Wall or Tree Mount
2.75" Diameter

Digital Astronomical Timer
Model: SPJ19-21
Shown: Matte Bronze
21/4" Dia. x 11/8"Depth

Small Silicone Filled
Wire Nuts

Large Silicone Filled
Wire Nuts