Mounting Accessories 2

Model: SPJ-RGD-Mr.Universe
(6) Light Up/Down
Telescopic Risers
Model: SPJ-ABR-610
Shown: Rusty & Verde
Extends to 10" Overall
Model: SPJ-ABR-1220
Extends to 20" Overall

Model: SPJ-SOL3
3 Prong Solid Brass Spike
Shown: Matte Bronze
SPJ-BR6 6" Brass Riser
SPJ-BR12 12" Brass Riser
SPJ-BR18 18" Brass Riser
SPJ-BR24 24" Brass Riser

Model: SPJ19-Hatch
Output: 12 Volts
Wattage: 60 Watts
Input Power: 120 Volts
Mounting: Side Leads w/o Feet
Option: 15V Output for Dimming
Model: SPJ19-25
Shown: Matte Bronze
Double Headed Extension
24 Hour Plug-In Timer
Model: SPJ19-10
Shown: Gun Metal
4" Canopy

Model: SPJ19-11
Shown: Bronze
5" Canopy

Model: SPJ19-12
Double 1/2" NPT
Shown: Black

120V Photocell Kit
Field installed photocell includes
"Plug and Go" leads with connectors.
Model: SPJ19-01
Shown: Matte Bronze
Wall or Tree Mount
2.75" Diameter

Digital Astronomical Timer
Model: SPJ19-21
Shown: Matte Bronze
21/4" Dia. x 11/8"Depth

Small Silicone Filled
Wire Nuts

Large Silicone Filled
Wire Nuts